WhatTyre Awards

During the first quarter of 2021, WhatTyre launched its inaugural WhatTyre Tyre of the Year Awards with a series of articles promoting the nominations, shortlists and winners of the WhatTyre Awards. These consumer-facing awards align with the ethos of the whole WhatTyre.com concept – to help consumers find the best tyres for them and to help raise the level of conversation about tyres.
The awards cover six tyre categories (click the links for our longlists):

We also award the overall WhatTyre Tyre of the Year (#WTOTY), making seven awards in total.

Longlist nominations: the best tyres in six categories

We began our survey of the best tyres in the UK market with nominations. These come from:

  • At least 10 top-rated tyres according to our unique WhatTyre TyreScore algorithm.
  • This objective data-based algorithm begins with European tyre label data, before cross-referencing this with our unique database of European magazine tyre tests.
  • These calculations are applied across three appropriate tyre sizes in each category. Read the nominations articles for further details on how we determined the longlists.

Winners and Recommendations

Next up, our recommendations. Our independent panel whittles the nominations down to a top-five “Highly Recommended” products by further interpreting the results of the shortlist. This takes into account the context of the data and each tyre’s strengths and weaknesses. From here, a winner is chosen in each category and, of course, a single overall tyre of the year.

Therefore, having scrutinised more than 250,000 tyre variations from our database of over 600 brands, the result is:

  • Six categories.
  • At least 10 “Commended” tyres in each category.
  • Five “Highly Recommended” tyres in each category.
  • One overall WhatTyre tyre of the year.