Auto Bild chooses 20 finalists for summer tyre test

Auto Bild chooses 20 finalists for summer tyre test

The 205/55 R16 tyre size reigns as the top choice across Europe, especially popular among compact car owners like those driving VW Golf, Audi A3, and similar models. Recognising this trend, Auto Bild has opted for this size in its extensive 2024 summer tyre test. With 55 tyres under scrutiny, Auto Bild hasn’t concluded testing yet but has given readers a taste of things to come with “noteworthy data” from initial wet and dry braking tests.

To cut down the 55 candidates to a more manageable 20, Auto Bild starts proceedings with a safety check, using hundreds of measurements and tyre changes to determine the braking distances of each tyre, stopping from 100 km/h on a dry road and from 80 km/h on wet surfaces. The combined braking distances determine which 20 tyres advance to the final round.

Leading the pack is the Continental PremiumContact 7 (91 V), which boasts the shortest braking distances in both wet and dry conditions. With a combined braking distance of 61.2 metres, it outperforms its competitors by over 20 metres.

At the bottom of the list sits the Triangle AdvanteX TC101 in 55th place, clocking in with an overall braking distance of 81.8 metres. Compared to the PremiumContact 7, it takes 6.7 metres longer to stop on dry roads and a whopping 13.9 metres more on wet surfaces.

Auto Bild doesn’t mince words, declaring that the tyres occupying the bottom 13 spots have “far too long braking distances.” It advises against their purchase.


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