WhatTyre.com is a tyre comparison site


What is WhatTyre?

WhatTyre is a  news and tyre comparison site designed to help you find the best tyres for your car. WhatTyre is rapidly becoming a leading tyre comparison site.

Our information is based on over 70 years of tyre industry experience combined with the best tyre testing sources out there.

As well as explaining everything you need to know to make your own mind up, we have pooled our resources to create a unique metascore.

What’s a metascore?

Our TyreScore scoring system is all about leveraging our tyre news experience to make the best tyre comparison site. We don’t sell any tyres, so you can trust what we say.

TyreScore is a metascore is a scoring system. It maximises the benefit of numerous different data sets, boiling them down to a single figure. This is done using some custom-made mathematical equations called an algorithm.

The latest edition of our metascore algorithm (version 1) is codenamed “Alfa Romeo”. Alfa represents the first draft of our bespoke WhatTyre metascore.

This will evolve as we gain more information about the tyres on the market and the latest tests of them. When we do, we will explain what we have done.

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WhatTyre.com is rapidly becoming one of the most detailed tyre comparison sites out there…

How does it work?

We use as much information as possible to help you with the tyre-buying process. Nowadays all car tyres have to carry a European Tyre Label by law (which looks a bit like one of the energy labels you see on white goods). That’s why this is the starting point for our metascore calculation. Using decades of experience in the tyre industry we have quantified the letter ratings that appear on the European Tyre Label into numbers and then weighted them according to what is most important to UK drivers. We have also added in the results of third-party magazine tests where appropriate so we end up with a single number. The higher the number, the better the tyre.

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