The best tyres – WhatTyre Buyer’s Guide 2022

Read about the best tyres for nine different car segments in our 2022 Tyre Buyers’ Guide

The WhatTyre Tyre of the Year Awards represent a buyer’s guide to the best tyres widely available for nine different applications. The awards are a great starting point for motorists to understand the benefits of fitting tyres that offer a range of the highest quality performance characteristics. Using the unique Tyrescore algorithm, the WhatTyre Buyer’s Guide 2022 identifies the best tyres currently available for cars in every season. It identifies the best SUV tyres, including the best for SUVs. It also looks at tyres for economical, performance and supersport cars, as well as an early look at specialist tyres for electric cars.

Great tyres can improve road safety, comfort and driving enjoyment, and extend mobility in the worst driving conditions. In addition, better tyres offer improved sustainability, both by increasing fuel efficiency and possessing longer life expectancy. And over the life of the product, these features can save a considerable amount of money too. With up to ten recommended products in each category presented alongside up to date pricing data, WhatTyre also helps drivers to identify great tyres for a range of budgets.

WhatTyre Tyre of the Year 2022

The Continental SportContact 7 had been set a high bar to clear by both its predecessor and highly rated competitor tyres ahead of its launch in the second half of 2021. Following the publication of its first round of tyre test results in the first quarter of 2022, it’s fair to say the manufacturer had jumped it with room to spare. As well as winning the major UK accolades and gaining top marks from Auto Bild and Sporttyre… [Read more]

WhatTyre Summer Tyre of the Year 2022

Supercars may turn heads and hog the social media limelight, but it’s an army of humble hatchbacks and saloons that keep the country moving. These underappreciated vehicles need tyres that are all things to all people, delivering safe and efficient performance in a range of conditions and at an acceptable price. The summer tyre, we salute you, and in this category of the WhatTyre tyre of the Year Awards we celebrate the best of the bunch… [Read more]

WhatTyre Performance Tyre of the Year 2022 (17″-plus)

Big is beautiful for tyre makers. Recent analyst reports tell us we can look forward to continued growth in the market for UHP tyres, with 17” and 18” and larger rim diameter sizes each expected to account for more than 50 million tyres sold in Europe annually by 2025. This means these larger rim diameters should account for a quarter of the region’s overall replacement tyre demand, with their proportion of total sales even higher in markets such as the UK… [Read more]

WhatTyre Supersports Tyre of the Year 2022 (19″-plus)

The sharp end of the performance tyre spectrum is now the domain of the supersports or ultra-ultra-high performance (UUHP) tyre. Completely road legal but also designed to deliver superior performance on the track, these products are tasked with the weighty remit of providing a dynamic yet safe driving experience to the world’s most powerful cars in both wet and dry conditions. WhatTyre has identified six supersports tyres that excel at this… [Read more]

WhatTyre SUV Tyre of the Year 2022

Industry research repeatedly shows that SUV drivers demand safety, driving performance and comfort. So, anyone investing the several hundred pounds necessary to replace a set of SUV tyres would do well to make sure they get the best tyres for them. The headline news is that Michelin has retained the SUV tyre of the year crown in our 2022 ranking. But there’s a twist. This year’s winner is the Michelin Primacy 4, which was second-placed last year. Last year’s winner, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV came third this time round… [Read more]

WhatTyre All-Season Tyre of the Year 2022

All-season tyres have really grown in popularity in recent years. Perhaps due to our temperate climate, winter tyres have only really found their niche in the most mountainous parts of the country, on vehicles that really need theme (powerful rear-wheel drive cars on the one hand – and vets, doctors and emergency service vehicles on the other). All-season tyres, on the other hand, bring much of the benefit of winter tyres, but without the logistical challenges of changing and storing a second set of wheels and tyres… [Read more]

WhatTyre All-Season SUV Tyre of the Year 2022

Building on the in-depth research we did on the top 15 tyres in the SUV segment, we have also produced a ranking of the best all-season SUV tyres out there. The basic principles upon which the earlier research was based carry through to this project. SUVs are increasingly popular vehicles to drive and the most popular tyre sizes in the general SUV market are the same for all-season tyres since there are no replacement wheels involved… [Read more]

WhatTyre Winter Tyre of the Year 2022

WhatTyre’s Winter Tyre of the Year shortlist gives you the top ten best options to get the optimum cold weather driving experience. The ten tyres selected represent the best the winter tyre market has to offer, according to our newest independent algorithm, Tyrescore 2.1 “Bentley”. The latest iteration of our dynamic tyre rating gives an indicative mark out of 10 to every tyre available in the UK market… [Read more]

WhatTyre Electric Car Tyre of the Year 2022

The next few years will see an explosion in the replacement tyre fitment options available to electric car drivers. Sales of electric cars (EVs) in the UK and Europe are set to continue to accelerate up to deadlines dictating the end of new internal combustion engine-powered (ICE) cars into the next decade. For the replacement tyre market – the tyres bought at garages to replace the tyres originally fitted to the car from new – the effects of this will gradually become more important over the next five years… [Read more]

WhatTyre Eco Car Tyre of the Year 2022

Thanks to a range of legislative changes, demand from consumers, and the desire to boost sustainability in all aspects of the business, tyres have never been as eco-friendly. While tyre manufacturers are continuing to push the limits of what they can achieve, tyre buyers can be assured that the products making WhatTyre’s list of the best eco tyres in 2022 offer the best in sustainable motoring. These tyres are all made by manufacturers that have proven the sustainability of their operations via independent accreditation of their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) responsibility… [Read more]