What SUV, UHP, summer, all-season, winter or electric tyres should I buy?

What SUV, UHP, summer, all-season, winter or electric tyres should I buy?

250,000 tyres and 600 brands later, the nominations for the inaugural WhatTyre awards are complete. So what SUV, UHP, electric vehicle, summer, winter or all-season tyres should you buy? Our nominations lists, which rate up to 20 of the best tyres in each category are a great place to start. Each of these tyres receives WhatTyre “Commended” status as a result of meeting our stringent nomination criteria. You can navigate to each category below.

Anyone wanting to find out more about how we calculated the scores, should read the methodology section of the SUV nominations below. But there is a brief category-specific run down in each section too.

Winter tyres guarantee mobility in the harshest winter conditions

The 15 best all-season tyres, according to our bespoke TyreScore meta-analysis algorithm (Photo: Ricardo Esquivel; Pexels)

Electric vehicle tyres are increasingly part of tyre manufacturer’s core product lines, usually with a special marking on the sidewall indicating EV-appropriate technology

About the TyreScore

All TyreScores quoted in the WhatTyre Tyre of the Year Awards 2021 are correct as of our judging period in March 2021, but more data and a new version of the algorithm will inevitably mean changes. When you buy your next tyres, we recommend you make WhatTyre part of your pre-sale research to determine the best tyre for you.



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