The top five Mini tyres in 175/65 R15

The top five Mini tyres in 175/65 R15

This year the Mini celebrates its 60th anniversary. To celebrate, we wrote this brief history of mini tyre sizes. To bring things up to date, we have pitted the best tyres in our 100,000 item+ database against each other to find the best five Mini tyres. Key sizes for the modern Mini include: 175/65 R15, 175/60 R16 and 195/55 R16. This article focuses on 175/65 R15.

To come in the top five in a particular size is quite an achievement. Here’s our five tyres (175/65 R15) for the modern Mini, according to WhatTyre’s unique metascore.

And the top five Mini tyres are…

5 – Pirelli’s Cinturato P1 scored 6.97, according to our tyre score. It is one decibel quieter than the fourth and third-placed Kumho, and GT Radial tyres, but hasn’t had the same range of magazine test success (according to our database). Still, Pirelli has made huge quantities of original equipment tyres for Minis over the years, so they remain a solid option.

4 – GT Radial’s Champiro FE1 comes joint third, with exactly the same score as the Kumho KH27. It too offers a strong “B” wet grip rating and a strong showing in magazine tests across Europe.

3 – The Kumho KH27 ranks in joint third place when it comes to our bespoke tyrescore system, scoring 7.58 out of 10. While it is neck and neck with the Hankook tyres on in terms of wet-grip and rolling resistance, it is slightly louder in terms of pass-by noise.

2 – Hankook’s Kinergy Eco K425 ranks second, also with a score of 7.58 although it holds a “B” wet grip rating. Like the Dunlop, Hankook’s tyre has been successfully tested across Europe. And Hankook renewed its OE supply deal in 2014.

1 – The Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response scores highest on our system, with 7.88 out of 10. It boasts an impressive “A” rating for wet grip on the European Tyre Label. And it is also a magazine tyre test winner and has been entered into nine tests across Europe.

Not all size results are the same…

As we said at the start, all the top five represent good tyres, but there are many other variables. Try searching for the same size in all-season or winter fitments depending on your seasonal needs. Alternatively, you could search for a different size if you have upgraded the wheels.

While 175/65 R15, 175/60 R16 and 195/55 R16 may be the core Mini fitments, the 2018 Mini Cooper S has the option of 225/35 R19 tyres. And we have even heard of tuners going up to 21-inch sizes!


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