Stena Line reports increased demand for MOT day trips

Stena Line reports increased demand for MOT day trips

The ongoing Irish MOT crisis has led to an uptick in demand for so-called MOT day trips from Northern Ireland to Scotland, according to leading ferry company Stena Line.

In fact, the surge in enquiries from NI motorists looking to have their cars tested in Scotland has led to the introduction of a special Belfast to Cairnryan MOT Day Trip rate.

Stena Line reports that there are various MOT centres surrounding the Cairnryan area, all of which can test a vehicle and issue an MOT certificate which is valid throughout the UK, with the added advantage that there is a mechanic on hand to fix a problem that might otherwise cause the car to fail.

To help motorists, the Stena Line website has provided a list of MOT centres within a 30-minute drive of Cairnryan port and, whilst you don’t need to book your test weeks in advance, the company does recommend that people call or research the options before they travel.

Orla Noonan, Stena Line’s Travel Commercial Manager, Irish Sea North, said: “Due to recent setbacks in Northern Ireland’s MOT testing facilities we were driven to bring back our MOT offer for people to make the easy trip to Scotland to carry out their MOT test comfortably and in one day!

“We have been speaking to garages in the area and have discovered that vehicles can be tested for as little as £40, so it really is worthwhile for those wanting to have their cars tested and approved with a minimum of fuss.”

Click here for complete coverage of the Northern Ireland MOT crisis.



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