Pirelli tyres exclusively on Aston Martin DBX

Pirelli tyres exclusively on Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin’s new DBX will be exclusively fitted with a range of three Pirelli tyres – the P Zero for the DBX, the Scorpion Zero AS and the Scorpion Winter. The news follows three years of joint development work that began with laboratory testing before moving on to outdoor testing in varied conditions.

Pirelli’s Aston Martin P Zero tyres have been developed especially for the vehicle. In particular, the compound is derived from tyres used for GT cars to maximise the V8 turbo power of the new Aston Martin. Specifically, the zero-degree belt in the structure of this P Zero marked A8A on the sidewall uses a new hybrid material that offers better steering feel to enhance pleasure behind the wheel. Furthermore, it brings the overall weight of the tyre down, reducing rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

The Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS is designed for those intending to use their DBX off-road. To achieve this objective, the Scorpion Zero tread pattern has been redesigned to optimize its off-road capabilities, with more rigid blocks towards the outside of the contact patch that provide enhanced grip in tricky conditions.

The Scorpion Winter, Pirelli’s specialized winter tyre for SUVs, has reportedly been optimized for winter weather – right down to temperatures of -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Pirelli reports that it has modified the materials that make up the tyre’s carcass to provide the best possible steering feel, even in winter.


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