The most popular 4×4 and SUV tyre sizes 2019

The most popular 4×4 and SUV tyre sizes 2019

Looking for SUV tyres? First you’ll near to find your tyre size. In case you were wondering, here’s the latest on the most popular tyres in the SUV and 4×4 tyre segment. The short story is that the top spots now all filled with either 17 or 18-inch sizes. This change has come at the expense of the 16 and 19-inch sizes managed to make it into the top five last year.

  • The most popular 4×4/SUV tyre size remains 235/60 R18, which occupies 7 per cent of the segment. This size was also number one last year and also held 7 per cent share 12 months ago.
  • 215/55 R18 has shot up into second place from a position outside the top five. This size now accounts for some 6 per cent share of the segment.
  • 235/65 R17 is the third most popular 4×4/SUV size in the data, with 4 per cent share of the segment – a figure that remains level compared with 12 months ago.
  • 215/60 R17 may be the fourth most popular size in the segment, but its share of the segment fell 1 percentage point down from 4 per cent to 3 per cent. Therefore, this size is 25 per cent less popular than 12 months ago.
  • The top five is rounded off by 235/50 R18. Not only is this size the joint largest diameter in the top five (along with first-placed 235/60 R18 and second-placed 215/55 R18), it is also the lowest profile size in the top five.

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