Each of the 21 tyres participating in round two of the Auto Bild summer tyre test has already proven its ability to stop without fuss on wet and dry roads. Auto Bild’s testers now turn their attention to separating the great from the good and just okay. The publication honoured three of the size 215/55 R17 tyres with its top rating of exemplary. It rated a further seven tyres good and ten satisfactory. The last-placed tyre gains just a conditional recommendation.

The podium is occupied by products from North American, Korean and European manufacturers, and two products from Chinese firms gave good accounts of themselves further down the table. In fact, Auto Bild comments that four Chinese brands qualified for the final round of testing, but the publication was unable to include the Sailun Atrezzo Elite and Linglong Sport Master as it couldn’t fulfil all test prerequisites prior to its deadline. Testers Dierk Möller and Henning Klipp comment that they “eagerly await the performance of these two promising newcomers in one of our next tests.”

Goodride beats Continental

The testers inform their predominantly German readership that the days of outdated technology causing Chinese-made tyres to Auto Bild testing are “gone forever.” This development hits home in the result table, which ranks the Goodride Zuper Ace SA-57 ahead of a tyre from Germany’s best-known tyre maker.

Although Continental traditionally performs well in comparative tyre evaluations, and despite several premium car makers choosing the EcoContact 6 as original equipment for their electric and ICE models, this tyre hasn’t placed better than seventh in the tests publish so far this season. Results such as these suggest that Continental has developed a tyre that ticks legislative and green boxes, but at the cost of some real-world performance.

Auto Bild rates the Continental tyre top for reducing both rolling resistance and drive-by noise and commends its good mileage and short stopping distances on dry roads. But testers Klipp and Möller were less impressed when driving in the wet. The Conti-shod test car took 51.1 metres to stop from 100 km/h – a distance that Auto Bild notes is even longer than required by the all-season tyre tested alongside the summer models.

In contrast, Auto Bild praises the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2, Hankook Ventus Prime 4 and Michelin Primacy 4 as the “champions of the 2022 season.” But it concedes that some tyre buyers will find their personal favourite amongst the seven good-rated candidates, as “they also offer maximum safety for your summer jaunt.”

Rated exemplary

Test winner & eco champion: Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2
+ Convincing handling characteristics, short braking distances and top marks in cost-related testing, high mileage potential, low rolling resistance.
High purchase price.

Hankook Ventus Prime 4
+ New release with excellent wet & dry handling, short wet & dry braking distances, good mileage potential, good value for money.
Average comfort.

Michelin Primacy 4
+ Convincingly good handling characteristics, crisp turn-in, good aquaplaning reserves, short braking distances, very high mileage potential, low rolling resistance.
High purchase price.

Rated good

Bridgestone Turanza T005
+ Good grip and excellent wet & dry handling, good aquaplaning characteristics, precise steering, short wet & dry braking distances.
Limited mileage potential.

Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun
+ Very good aquaplaning characteristics, stable wet handling, short braking distances, dynamic dry handling, low drive by noise levels, affordably priced.
Elevated rolling resistance.

Kumho Ecsta HS52
+ New product with balanced performance potential, short wet & dry braking distances, good comfort, good value for money.
Delayed steering response.

Sava Intensa UHP 2
+ Very good aquaplaning safety reserves, stable driving behaviour on dry roads, short wet & dry braking distances, good comfort, affordably priced.
Limited mileage potential.

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2
+ Good aquaplaning characteristics, precise wet handling, short wet & dry braking distances, good ride comfort, reasonably priced.
Delayed turn-in on dry roads.

BFGoodrich Advantage
+ Stable driving behaviour & short braking distances on dry roads, good & quiet ride comfort.
Understeer & extended braking distances in the wet.

Fulda Sport Control 2
+ Good aquaplaning reserves, short wet & dry braking distances, good value for money.
Marked steering response delays, modest mileage potential.

Rated satisfactory

Toyo Proxes Comfort
+ Balanced driving behaviour on wet & dry roads, short dry braking distances, good ride comfort.
Low aquaplaning safety reserves when cornering, modest mileage potential.

Debica Presto UHP 2
+ Safe aquaplaning characteristics & wet handling, short wet & dry braking distances, affordably priced.
Delayed turn-in, handling understeer on dry roads, modest mileage potential.

Kleber Dynaxer HP4
+ Good aquaplaning characteristics, short wet & dry braking distances, good driving comfort, low ride noise.
Modest wet grip, markedly delayed steering response, understeer on dry roads.

Vredestein Ultrac
+ Convincing aquaplaning safety reserves, sporty dynamic driving behaviour & short braking distances on wet & dry surfaces.
Very limited mileage potential.

Laufenn S Fit EQ+
+ Safe aquaplaning characteristics, short dry braking distances, good ride comfort, affordably priced.
Limited grip & extended braking distances on wet roads, modest mileage potential.

Maxxis Premitra 5 HP5
+ Very good aquaplaning safety reserves, short wet braking distances, low purchase price.
Dry handling understeer, very limited mileage potential, elevated rolling resistance.

Nexen N’Fera Primus
+ Very good aquaplaning qualities, safe wet handling, short wet braking distances, affordably priced.
Dry handling understeer, very limited mileage potential, elevated rolling resistance.

Goodride Zuper Ace SA-57
+ Good aquaplaning characteristics, low ride noise, low purchase price.
Understeer & extended braking distances on wet roads, very limited mileage potential.

Continental EcoContact 6
+ Short dry braking distances, low rolling resistance, very good mileage potential.
Limited aquaplaning reserves, extended wet braking distances, delayed turn-in, understeer.

GT Radial FE2 SUV
+ Good aquaplaning safety reserves, short braking distances, low ride noise.
Very limited mileage potential, delayed steering response, understeer.

Rated conditionally recommendable

Nokian Powerproof
+ Good aquaplaning characteristics, convincing dynamic wet handling, short braking distances.
Delayed turn-in & low stability on dry roads, very limited mileage potential, high purchase price.



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