Auto Bild summer tyre test – the finalists

Auto Bild summer tyre test – the finalists

Auto Bild has done it again – the motoring publication has examined no less than 50 brands of tyre in the first round of its summer 2022 tyre test. It looked at how these tyres brake in both wet and dry conditions, and the 21 tyres with the shortest combined stopping distances will progress to a more comprehensive second round that includes aquaplaning, handling and mileage tests. These finalists include established premium brands as well as products that offer good performance at a competitive price.

This year, Auto Bild examined the tyre size 215/55 R 17, a dimension found on numerous mid-sized cars including the VW Passat that served as test vehicle. The summer 2022 finalists’ list is an international affair, with tyres from European, North American, Japanese, South Korean and Chinese manufacturers making an appearance. The best result was achieved by the Bridgestone Turanza T005, whose combined braking distance of 63.3 metres was 5.8 metres shorter than that of the final finalist, Continental’s EcoContact 6.


A further 29 tyres were eliminated in this preliminary test round. It was a close call for the first few candidates not to make the finals, however Auto Bild advises its readers against buying the 13 lowest-placed tyres on the table as these “offer too little safety margin.”


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