Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 K127

265/30 R20 94Y
Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 K127 ( 205/40 ZR18 86Y XL SBL )...
C A 73 dB
8.25 / 10
Image of Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 K127
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Based on tyre size: 265/30 R20 Y
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EU Tyre Label
C A 73dB
8.25 out of 10

The European Tyre Label is the starting point for our tyre review calculation. We then add the results of third-party magazine tests and end up with a single number. The higher the number, the better the TyreScore.

Full Tyre Description

Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 K127 ( 205/40 ZR18 86Y XL SBL )

Test Results

Sportauto - 15/03/2019

245/30 R20 Y

"Still recommended" - strengths: balanced, safe and very easy to control in the wet, comfortable - Weaknesses: slight deficits during braking, Relatively sluggish steering response, limited steering precision in dry conditions

AutoBild - 27/02/2019

225/45 R17 Y

"Exemplary" - strengths: balanced handling on wet and dry roads, sporty and dynamic handling on dry roads, good braking on wet track, low price - Weaknesses: average mileage

AutoBild Sportscars - 09/03/2018

245/30 R20 Y

"Exemplary" - strengths: convincing balanced performance at a high level, sporty handling characteristics with stable cornering and precise steering, short wet and dry braking distances, comfortable ride comfort - Weaknesses: average grip on dry roads

AutoBild Sportscars - 05/03/2015

255/35 R19 Y

"Exemplary" - strengths: Balanced on a very high level, wet brakes - Weaknesses: can not quite compete with the best in dry handling

AutoBild Sportscars - 13/02/2014

255/40 R19 Y

"Good" - strengths: pass-by noise, braking on dry as well as wet roads - Weaknesses: ride comfort, aquaplaning

AutoBild - 01/03/2012

225/45 R17 Y

"Recommended" - strengths: convincing on dry and wet roads - Weaknesses: Price / mileage ratio

AutoBild Sportscars - 06/03/2012

245/30 R20 Y

"Recommended" - strengths: Balanced, Best in test rolling resistance - Weaknesses: Can not quite keep up with the discipline best When aquaplaning and comfortable

Auto Motor und Sport - 08/03/2012

245/45 R18 Y

"Highly recommended" - strengths: aquaplaning, dry braking, rolling noise - Weaknesses: wet inharmonious When

AutoBild Sportscars - 04/04/2011

225/40 R18 Y

"Exemplary" - Strengths: Best in the wet, so strong but on dry pavement - Weaknesses: ride comfort only average

Autozeitung - 04/04/2011

225/45 R17 W/Y

"Highly recommended", rank 4 among 14 tested tire types - Strengths: rather on a wet road, agile, but by mining on dry pavement - Weaknesses: a little loud noise rolling Gone

Sportauto - 07/10/2010

235/35 R19 ---

"Highly recommended" - strengths: Wet Grip - Weaknesses: aquaplaning, handling on dry roads

AutoBild Sportscars - 22/03/2010

---/--- R19 ---

"Good" - strengths: grip and handling on wet surfaces, rolling resistance - Weaknesses: Curve hydroplaning oversteer tendencies on dry roads

Auto Motor und Sport - 17/03/2010

245/45 R17 W

"Highly recommended" - strengths: driving and braking on wet and dry, rolling noise - Weaknesses: rolling resistance, aquaplaning

ADAC Motorwelt - 17/03/2010

225/45 R17 W


Gute Fahrt - 17/03/2010

205/55 R16 V

"Very good -" / good trip recommendation "- strengths: balanced at a high level - Weaknesses: aquaplaning

Sportauto - 17/04/2009

---/--- R18 ---

"Highly recommended" - strengths: love especially on dry pavement - Weaknesses: aquaplaning

AutoBild Sportscars - 03/09/2009

---/--- R19 Z

"Exemplary" - strengths: dry and wet handling, wet braking, rolling noise, rolling resistance - Weaknesses: moderate ride comfort

Sportauto - 24/04/2007

235/35 R19 ---

"Highly recommended" - strengths: Balanced on a good level, preiswertester Tire Tests - Weaknesses: aquaplaning, Decreased adhesion in dry conditions

AutoBild Sportscars - 19/03/2007

205/45 R16 W

"Exemplary" - strengths: balanced at a high level - Weaknesses: aquaplaning

AutoBild Sportscars - 17/03/2006

235/35 R19 Y

"Recommended" - strengths: braking on dry and wet roads, harmonious and cornering in the wet - Weaknesses: aquaplaning

Powercar - 08/03/2006

235/35 R19 ZR

Strengths: Balanced without serious short comings - weaknesses: aquaplaning, When in wet weather not at the level of the best so

Sportauto - 23/02/2006

225/40 R18 ---

"Recommended" - strengths: grip, balanced on dry pavement - Weaknesses: aquaplaning, wet delay

Gute Fahrt - 28/02/2005

225/45 R17 W

"Good" - strengths: aquaplaning across, in the circle and the dry braking, rolling resistance, noise - Weaknesses: slight oversteer