Nova Motorsport: a new motorsport tyre brand from the UK

Nova Motorsport: a new motorsport tyre brand from the UK

UK rubber compound maker founds company, recruits experienced team to create cutting edge specialist, low-volume motorsport tyres

A new company dedicated to making low-volume racing and specialist tyres has been founded under the name Nova Motorsport. The brand is backed by its parent company, the UK rubber compounder SPC Rubber Group, and managing director Paul Hallas. He said Nova Motorsport will focus “solely on low-volume racing and specialist tyres,” with its first products and international partnerships due to be announced soon and throughout 2024. The brand has a website and social media channels in place, and will take its public bow at Retromobile – The Classic Car Show in Paris (31 January to 4 February 2024, Hall 1, Stand M-002).

Nova Motorsport launches with an experienced leadership team, including Paul Coates, the former head of Avon Motorsport. Coates outlined the brand’s pitch by contrasting the positioning of motorsport tyres in globally recognised tyre brands’ portfolios with Nova Motorsport’s approach: For Nova Motorsport, this is our only business. This gives us the flexibility, focus and dedication to deliver exceptional products with performance, quality, and customer service at the core of everything we do.”

Nova Motorsport states it is dedicated to creating a range of superior premium competition and specialist tyres that will deliver unforgettable experiences and exemplary performance on the racetrack and beyond. In addition to its leadership, it said it would staff its in-house research and development department with global experts in the field of motorsport tyres. It adds that it wants “to eclipse industry standards for bespoke tyre technology and speed to market,” with the ambitious goal of becoming “the number one choice for specialist high-performance, low-volume automotive manufacturers, connoisseurs and private collectors.”

Paul Hallas characterises its strategy as an “opportunity to flip the motorsport tyre business marketing model on its head by focusing solely on low-volume racing and specialist tyres as the core of our commercial offering.”



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