Vredestein starts all-season tyre scrappage scheme

Vredestein starts all-season tyre scrappage scheme

From 14 October to 31 December 2019, you will be able to claim a £60 scrappage refund when you upgrade to Vredestein’s award-winning range of Quatrac all-season tyres.

Vredestein is experienced when it comes to winter and all-season tyre development. Auto Bild recently named the Quatrac 5 as SUV all-season tyre test winner 2019. Auto Bild also gave an “exemplary” label to the newest addition to the range, the Quatrac Pro (designed for the ultra-high performance segment).

This summer, influential American consumer-led tyre distributor Tire Rack pitched Vredestein’s Quatrac Pro against other top-quality brand and deemed it to “exude a luxurious persona …. more fluid and smoother…”, with wet testing bringing to the fore the best of the tyre: “…the Quatrac Pro delivering a dominant performance, ….stable and planted.” The testers concluded that the tyre has excellent on-road performance with wet traction “significantly superior” to its competitors’, and therefore declared it the overall winner.

According to this new campaign, customers who purchase a set of four Quatrac (5 or Pro) tyres can claim their scrappage value, which depends on size (from £5 per tyre for 16” tyres to £15 for 19” and above) by visiting www.promotions.apollovredesteinrewards.co.uk.


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