Quatrac Pro: Vredestein launches a UHP tyre for all seasons

Quatrac Pro: Vredestein launches a UHP tyre for all seasons

Around ten per cent of UK motorists buy all-season products when replacing their vehicle’s tyres, and their sales increase every year. But one area of the all-season market still underrepresented is UHP tyres. Vredestein intends to change this with the launch of its Quatrac Pro.

With this new range, Vredestein aims to reach a type of driver that abounds on British roads – those who aren’t especially interested in exploring the limit of vehicle performance, yet select high-powered cars or large, heavy SUVs as their preferred means of transport. These motorists typically drive on summer tyres the entire year. By doing so, they risk becoming unstuck when Europe’s fickle weather turns wet or wintry.

Vredestein wants to remedy this by offering an all-season fitment for high-end saloons and fleet-footed SUVs. The Vredestein Quatrac Pro will launch next month. Vredestein plans 50 sizes for 17- to 21-inch rim diameters; 29 of these have a Y speed rating for speeds of up to 186 mph or 300 km/h. All feature the 3PMSF ‘snowflake’ mark to indicate compliance with European winter tyre regulations.

Fully-focused on UHP

Uniquely for an all-season range, Quatrac Pro ignores rim sizes below 17-inches. This is because Vredestein says it “fully focused on the UHP segment” and didn’t want to develop a one-size-fits-all solution for everything from runabouts to sports cars. This UHP focus is visible in the Quatrac Pro tread design. It’s an asymmetrical pattern, a configuration Vredestein considers better than directional when used on larger, wider tyre sizes.

This asymmetrical tread pattern is divided into climatic ‘zones’ – Vredestein speaks of “distinctive winter and summer sides” that “guarantee high performance in all seasons.” Four grooves in the centre of the tread work together with diverging grooves in the shoulder area to disperse water and thus reduce wet braking distances. Wide centre ribs provide the steering sensitivity and control required for cars in the UHP segment. Siping is extensively used for winter grip.

The tyre’s tread rubber is high in silica and resin; Vredestein says these ingredients provide very good traction on wet and snowy roads. Overall, grip in wet conditions is more than ten per cent better than the previous generation Quatrac 5. Handling in snow is five per cent better.

The Quatrac Pro’s premium positioning is reinforced by design input from Giugiaro. The Italian design house has cooperated with Vredestein on its flagship ranges for 20 years, but this is the first time it has worked on an all-season project.

Exclusive all-season sizes

The arrival of the Vredestein Quatrac Pro will see the Quatrac 5 gradually phased out in 17-inch and above sizes. Vredestein is complementing the sizes it already sells in this size bracket with 29 sizes not previously offered; 14 of these, including options for the BMW 5 Series, Volvo XC90 and Alfa Romeo Stelvio, are unique in the market and exclusive to Vredestein as all-season fitments.

The Quatrac 5 remains Vredestein’s all-season product for 16-inch and below. The entire Vredestein all-season portfolio – Quatrac Pro and Quatrac 5 – includes 133 sizes (158 articles) – Vredestrein describes this line-up as the “largest in the market.”


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