Tyre testers ‘eagerly await’ Linglong Sport Master

Tyre testers ‘eagerly await’ Linglong Sport Master

Sharing the results of both its main summer 2022 test of 50 tyres and the performance-oriented Auto Bild Sportscars tyre test, European publication Auto Bild wrote that the days of Chinese-made tyres failing such tests due to outdated technology are well and truly behind us. The magazine’s tyre testers were particularly impressed about one product from China and look forward to pitting it against the competition at a later date.

During the main test’s preliminary round, the Linglong Sport Master delivered impressive enough wet and dry braking results to secure it a place in the final round, a position it then had to relinquish as Auto Bild was unable to compare the manufacturer-supplied tyres with commercially available series products prior to testing. But that’s not all: The tyre testers also report “surprisingly good results” for the Sport Master in the Auto Bild Sportscars evaluation.

Testers Henning Klipp and Dierk Möller included a pre-series set of Linglong Sport Master tyres in their line-up, and unofficially placed the Linglong product in the middle of the results table before again having to exclude it. They “eagerly await its performance in our next test.”

Linglong Tire presented the Europe-focused Sport Master last year, announcing that the new tyre delivers a 17 per cent improvement in wet grip compared with its prior UHP products, a performance sufficient to gain an EU tyre label A grade for this quality.


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