New Linglong Sport Master UHP tyre gets A-grade wet grip

New Linglong Sport Master UHP tyre gets A-grade wet grip

Major Chinese tyre manufacturer Linglong is launching a range of Master tyres designed specifically for the European market. Its new ultra-high performance tyre, the Sport Master is a big leap forward for Linglong. This is especially true of the new tyre’s ability in wet road conditions. The manufacturer says the tyre has recorded a 17% improvement over its previous UHP products. The tyre gets the A grade on the tyre label for wet grip. The tyre has also been designed with technologies from Linglong’s race-winning racing tyres. These technologies were proven as the Linglong Tire Drift Team Orange won two annual championships in the Japanese D1 Grand Prix 2020.

The Sport Master includes several new Linglong technologies. It has Linglong’s “water film destruction unit technology” and its third-generation high handling and wet skid resistance resin formula for improved wet handling. The tread has wide grooves for fast water drainage under braking. This also helps to improve the traction of the tyre on rain-soaked roads.

The Sport Master series also has Linglong’s “steady-state pressure-balanced pattern contour” design technology. This increases the amount of tyre in contact with the road by three per cent, helping to improve dry grip and handling. It also means the tyre wears more evenly, extending its potential life. Linglong says the Sport Master uses a higher-strength carcass framework material too, which helps to maintain the tyre’s performance.

The manufacturer had the tyre tested at leading tyre proving facility Test World, where the tyre performed strongly against competitor brands. Linglong says the Sport Master was particularly strong in dry braking, in which it was ranked first among all tested products.



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