New Laufenn performance, touring tyres

New Laufenn performance, touring tyres

In addition to its flagship range, Hankook Tire offers UK consumers the Laufenn tyre brand. It introduced Laufenn four years ago as a product “tailored to different lifestyles” that meets “the needs of price-conscious drivers.” The Laufenn line-up has now been partially refreshed with two new models, the Laufenn S FIT EQ+ and Laufenn G FIT EQ+. Both arrive in spring 2020 and replace existing, similarly-named products.

Introducing the tyres, Hankook Tire says the new ‘Laufenn-Plus’ generation products offer higher performance and greater stability on both wet and dry roads due to optimised tread rubber.

Laufenn S FIT EQ+

This performance segment tyre has a ‘Hydro-Flow’ block tread pattern; this works together with the tyre’s four main circumferential grooves and streamlined tread block arrangement to reduce aquaplaning. Furthermore, Hankook Tire says its improved silica compound has led to a “significant reduction” in braking distance, especially on wet roads. It adds that the S FIT EQ+ also achieves optimised performance and good stability even at higher speeds thanks to reinforced tread bars which ensure greater block stiffness.

Laufenn G FIT EQ+

Designed specifically for the touring segment, this tyre has the four-rib tread pattern seen on its predecessor. Hankook Tire says this provides smooth, comfortable rolling in a wide range of road conditions. The variable depth tread grooves allow quick water run-off, and together with sipes attached to the blocks of the inner shoulder, improve wet grip. The Laufenn G FIT EQ+ has also been given a new tread compound for more grip on wet roads. A special base rubber layer below the tread helps reduce rolling resistance. The optimised tyre contour prevents irregular wear by distributing weight evenly across the entire tread width. The stiffness of the tread blocks varies according to their placement, and this minimises vibration and noise levels for an altogether comfortable ride.


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