New GT Radial FE2 summer tyre delivers 15% wet braking improvement

New GT Radial FE2 summer tyre delivers 15% wet braking improvement

GT Radial, the major UK tyre brand of manufacturer Giti Tire, is replacing its most popular European market summer car tyre. The GT Radial FE2, which replaces the bestselling Champiro FE1, delivers 15% better wet braking than its predecessor among other improvements. The tyre will be provided in 15-18″ sizes to fit major compact and family passenger cars and small and crossover SUV models. The SUV version carries an “SUV” marking on the sidewall to highlight their core market. By the end of 2021, Giti expects to have 42 different sizes in tyre retailers. In addition to the company record-breaking GT Radial Champiro FE1, the FE2 will replace a number of GT Radial FE1 City and GT Radial Savero SUV patterns.

FE2 performance characteristics

GT Radial FE2

The GT Radial FE2 is a more energy efficient tyre than its predecessor with significant safety performance upgrades. As well as 15% better wet braking, it improves wet handling by 12% and aquaplaning resistance by 7%, according to internal Giti testing. It will deliver around 5% more mileage, Giti states, though as always this depends on good tyre maintenance and driving style. It is also designed to retain the Champiro FE1’s low noise and good comfort properties, while maintaining a competitive price position.

As a result of these improvements, the tyre gets A-grade wet grip on the tyre label across the entire range and B-C in rolling resistance.

How has Giti achived this better performance in the FE2? The tyre features a new advanced tread compound for high levels of grip on dry and wet roads across a wide range of temperatures. An advanced tyre profile with optimal pressure distribution and a multi-parameter tread contour ensures even wear and high mileage, it adds.

Other developments include an optimised lightweight carcass to lower rolling resistance and fuel consumption as well as stiff ribs to deliver precise steering and stable brking.

European development

The GT Radial FE2 benefits from the manufacturer’s European development facilities too. It was designed and engineered at Giti Tire’s European Research & Development Centre in Hannover. The FE2 was tested at MIRA in the UK, as well as key locations in Germany and Spain.

Stefan Fischer, managing director – product technology at Giti Tire Europe, said: “The tyre has been completely redeveloped, from the new advanced tread compound to the cutting-edge tyre profile, multi-parameter tread contour and optimised lightweight carcass.

“These have delivered fantastic EU labelling results, and when the performance is taken into account with the mid-market price point it will maintain its standing as the perfect tyre choice for its target vehicle segments.”



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