Goodyear SoundComfort tyre noise reducer wins consumer award

Goodyear SoundComfort tyre noise reducer wins consumer award

Do you wish your tyres made less noise? A new, award-winning product from premium tyre manufacturer Goodyear can help your tyres keep quiet.

If you drive a relatively new car, the chances are that you are noticing the sound created by your tyres much more, as engine technology has led to a quieter, more comfortable ride. This is even more the case if you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Tyre-makers have also reduced the noise created by the interaction of the tyre and the road – you can see the result of this in the noise rating section of every tyre’s label. But the bigger manufacturers have also been working on solutions to reduce the noise created by air vibrating inside the tyre.

The latest recognition of this is a consumer award for Goodyear, and its SoundComfort technology, which was made a Product of the Year in Belgium and the Netherlands. The accolade was awarded based on a consumer research survey conducted by Nielsen with 5000 participants in the two countries.

Goodyear’s SoundComfort technology is a foam lining attached to the inner surface of the tyre. This dampens air vibrations, reducing the presence of this noise by half, or up to 4 decibels. The foam doesn’t affect the tyre’s performance – it is light enough not to have any impact on the vehicle’s fuel consumption. It also doesn’t make the tyre any slower.


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