Free all-season tyre experience at Mercedes-Benz World

Free all-season tyre experience at Mercedes-Benz World

Continental is offering free all-season tyre demonstrations this February half term. The German tyre manufacturer will offer the free demonstrations at Mercedes-Benz World. This is the first time Conti’s AllSeasonContact has been available for consumer experiences in the UK.

The demonstrations will take place across the half term period and last 20 minutes per session. There is no need for people to book – just turn up that day – between Monday 18 and Sunday 24 February and during the operating hours of 11:00-13:00, subject to availability.

The demonstration will feature one car fitted with Continental summer tyres and the other with Continental all-season tyres, providing first-hand experience of the difference between summer and all-season tyre compounds.

Continental Tyres have recorded significant test success during the last year, with the Continental WinterContact TS 860, PremiumContact6 and AllSeasonContact tyres taking top spots across all Auto Express tyre tests in 2018.

Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief of Auto Express, said: “Just a quick look at the results is enough to show which was the dominant tyre in this test. No matter what the surface, the AllSeasonContact was on the podium. A great test debut that shows how an all-season tyre should perform.”

Mark Griffiths, safety expert at Continental Tyres, added: “These free driving experiences further support our ‘Vision Zero’, a global initiative that aims to reduce road accidents worldwide through improved driver education and enhanced automotive safety systems.”


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