Co-op poll shows UK drivers unconvinced of winter tyre value

Co-op poll shows UK drivers unconvinced of winter tyre value

67 per cent of drivers don’t think winter tyres are worth it, according to an online poll conducted by Co-op Insurance on 25 January 2019. The Twitter poll recorded 4,084 votes. Despite much research showing that they perform better in low temperature concerned many motorists remain unconvinced about their value.

All-season tyres however, were another story and the Michelin CrossClimate was singled out for praise.

Insurance questions

Do winter tyres make a difference to your car insurance? At the end of 2017, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) surveyed its members to find out which ones rewarded or penalised policy holders for purchasing winter tyres. The good news is that none of the insurers penalised policy holders for fitting winter tyres, as long as “they adhere to the stated commitment that tyres are fitted to the manufacturer’s instructions and are in a roadworthy condition”. Only two insurers even require notification if winter tyres are fitted (eCar and Southern Rock Insurance both accept email and phone notification).

Over 4000 people voted in the Co-op survey

But not a single insurance company recognises the benefit that winter tyres offer when it comes to driving and – even more importantly – coming to a standstill in winter conditions.

You can ABI members’ views on winter fitment can be found here:


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