Fuzz Townshend beating Landsail Tyres drum

Fuzz Townshend beating Landsail Tyres drum

You may not know it, but the chances are good that you have travelled in a car fitted with Landsail tyres. The brand is hugely popular in the UK. It is estimated that one in every 25 car tyres on UK roads is a Landsail product. To boost consumer awareness, Landsail has appointed its first ever brand ambassador, the motoring journalist, Car SOS TV personality and Pop Will Eat Itself percussionist, Fuzz Townshend.

Fuzz has many years’ experience as a mechanic, an expert in car restoration. Landsail calls him “a trusted and well-respected figure in the motoring industry,” and hopes that his popularity will help make the Landsail name as widely known as its products are used.

Fuzz said he is “delighted” to be associated with the brand. He says the Landsail tyre range “spans many fantastic products and the fact that they tick both boxes for quality and value is crucially important in the current economic climate.”

Chris Saunders, Landsail UK brand manager, said that having Fuzz on board is “fantastic”. He described Fuzz as “a perfect fit” for “the Landsail ethos,” adding: “Landsail is an innovative, trusted, quality product that is also good value for money, and we hope that with the endorsement of Fuzz, this will start to be recognised even more among drivers across the UK.”

Fuzz also wants consumers to recognise more the importance of tyres, which “often gets overlooked” by even drivers that care about the performance and style of their car. “I hope through educational, interactive and fun content in collaboration with Landsail, I can help the brand stick in the minds of road users.”

Landsail tyres are manufactured by Sentury Tire, based in Qingdao China, with a second modern production facility in Thailand.



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