Pirelli P Zero PZ4 tyres for Pagani Utopia

Pirelli P Zero PZ4 tyres for Pagani Utopia

After six years of development, supercar meister Horacio Pagani has unveiled his successor to the Huayra. This third-generation model is the Pagani Utopia, a mid-engine sports car with a 6.0 litre V-12 that generates 852 hp at 6,000 rpm and 811 lb-ft of torque between 2,800 rpm and 5,900 rpm. This power reaches the road through Pirelli tyres – the Italian brand is exclusive supplier to the Utopia, delivering its P Zero Corsa in the front wheel size 265/35ZR21 and rear size 325/30ZR22. It also offers a tailor-made P Zero Winter tyre for colder conditions.

Pirelli says Pagani tasked it with supplying tyres that “deliver not only ultimate performance in all driving conditions but also on-board comfort, while enhancing the car’s exciting dynamics and the unique feeling enjoyed by the driver.” It chose the P Zero Corsa to meet these objectives as it considers this a tyre that “makes full use of all the lessons learned in motorsport.”

Technologies within the compounds and tread pattern enable the P Zero Corsa to cope with extremely high power and torque outputs in all temperatures and on every road surface, the tyre maker explains. Pirelli then further evolved the tyre to provide the levels of comfort that Horacio Pagani expects. A silhouette of the car on the sidewall denotes that Pirelli designed the tyre exclusively for the Utopia.

Pirelli has worked with Pagani for more than a decade and characterises its collaboration as a “mission to unite state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge style.” The highlights of the story so far are P Zero tyres for the Zonda, P Zero Trofeo R for the Huayra Roadster BC, and now the latest P Zero Corsa for the Utopia. The tyre maker adds that the next chapter of this partnership is “still being written.”


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