Falken targets all-season UHP market

Falken targets all-season UHP market

The latest tyre to join the Falken Euroall Season line-up is “designed specifically for high-performance vehicles” with a focus on “good all-round winter performance,” Falken Tyre Europe tells us. The Falken Euroall Season AS220 Pro is available in 46 dimensions.

The tyre has an asymmetric tread pattern that offers “both grip and a quiet and smooth ride.” Falken says the tread’s uniform outer shoulder and two wide tread grooves facilitate particularly good water drainage and minimise the risk of aquaplaning.

Diving deeper into what makes Euroall Season AS220 Pro a tyre that provides “balanced performance in all driving conditions,” Falken shares that its tyre development team assessed tyre performance in wet, wintery conditions and targeted superior grip levels for slushy and snowy carriageways, developing a tread to meet these requirements. They tweaked the inner running surface for driving on snow and slush and Falken says that when combined with the outer tread, this delivers “optimum performance in both wet and dry conditions.”

Furthermore, the presence of offset, step-down tread grooves on the inside tread reportedly provide good grip and traction when accelerating and braking on snow. In addition to the fine profile recesses, additional grooves “ensure both good grip and precise handling by gripping and compressing the snow.”

Construction & compound

On to tyre construction, and Falken speaks of an improved contour. It elaborates that the construction of the Euroall Season AS220 Pro “prevents deformation of the running surface caused by centrifugal forces at high speeds,” thereby maximising the contact patch. “As a result, driving stability remains outstanding – even at high speeds – and the response between steering and braking remains high,” the manufacturer adds.

The tyre maker employed “4D Nano design” technology to formulate a rubber compound for the Falken Euroall Season AS220 Pro that “ensures lower wear rates and a longer lifespan.” Tyres in the AS220 Pro range have an EU tyre label B rating for wet grip and noise emissions and either B or D ratings for rolling resistance.

5-year warranty

The 46 sizes in the Falken Euroall Season AS220 Pro line-up includes eight of the ten top tyre sizes in Europe as well as eight EV-specific dimensions. Dimensions are available for 17- to 21-inch rim diameters and cross sections from 35 to 65, with speed index options including V, W and T. All dimensions are XL rated for higher load-bearing capacities. Most tyres in the AS range also come with a rim protection strip.

Falken considers appearance to be “an important factor when it comes to high-performance vehicles,” and it has therefore given the Euroall Season AS220 Pro an “aerodynamic sidewall design and attractive nano-black inscription.” Appearance may be important, but reliability is an even higher priority: For motoring peace of mind, Falken says its warranty provides protection “should the worst happen” and, depending on the residual depth of the tread, compensates customers for product defects for a service life of five years.


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