David Coulthard: “Boring” F1 tyres should be replaced

David Coulthard: “Boring” F1 tyres should be replaced

David Coulthard, himself a 13-time Grand Prix winner, has hit out at the current generation of Formula One tyres, which are supplied by Pirelli. Speaking in an interview with RaceFans.net, Coulthard said Pirelli-era tyres resulted in boring races: “This whole Pirelli era is just confusing to me and boring to me to have to talk about, and super-boring for me to have to listen to the drivers going ‘I was trying to avoid pushing too hard on the tyres’.”

Overall Coulthard is not convinced that the end of the F1 tyre war between Michelin and Bridgestone, which ceased 15 years ago, has been a good thing: “We’ve got engine wars, we’ve got chassis wars, we’ve got driver wars and then we’ve got one single tyre manufacturer, where all the drivers complain about the tyres”.

The solution of the Cooper Tire brand ambassador? “I would rather go to Avons or Goodyear or something and they just have two generic compounds but good tyres and then we don’t have to listen to the bullshit.”(!)



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