Continental SportContact 7 tyres on AMG C43

Continental SportContact 7 tyres on AMG C43

Mercedes-AMG is fitting 18-inch Continental SportContact 7 tyres to its C43 model. Designed for speeds of up to 186 mph and bearing the XL marking for enhanced load capacity, the tyres also carry the M01 sidewall marking, which appears on all the tyres specially developed for AMG. Continental developed this UUHP (Ultra Ultra High Performance) tyre specifically for vehicles with sporty attributes as well as for super sports cars.

Compared with its predecessor, the SportContact 6, the SportContact 7 increases mileage on the racetrack by 10 per cent. Wet braking distances are reduced by 8 per cent, dry braking distances are reduced by 6 per cent and the service life is extended by 17 per cent.

The SportContact 7 not only scores highly in independent tyre tests but also sets standards when it comes to form, function and design. This year, the SportContact 7 received two design awards: the Red Dot award for product design and the iF Product Design Award. And that’s why it was shortlisted our 2022  Tyre of the Year awards in the supersport category (also known as UUHP or ultra ultra-high performance).

The SportContact 7 is available in dimensions ranging from 18 to 23 inches in diameter.



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