Birmingham Mailbox installs tyre tread scanner

Birmingham Mailbox installs tyre tread scanner

Birmingham Mailbox’s Q-Park has partnered with MotaGoGo and installed tread scanner. The device gives customers a free tyre check when they visit the car park in Birmingham city centre.

Motorists simply drive over a very small ramp as they exit the car park and the scanner automatically reads the tyre condition. Q-Parkers are then able to visit the Q-Park Rewards app or via the MotoGoGo website and simply enter the vehicle registration to view the condition of the tyre including the tread and if required purchase their tyre replacements all within the service.

MotaGoGo is a service offered by tread scanning technology business Sigmavision. They currently supply a range of tread reading products to retailers across the globe. The ultimate aim of this exclusive partnership is to increase road safety.

John Denton, head of sales and marketing at Q-Park commented: “…We take our customers safety very seriously…The feedback that we have received so far has been very positive and we will look forward to ramping up the installations across the UK and Ireland’

James Nettleton,director at Sigmavision Ltd said: “This partnership with Q-Park is significant and could genuinely save lives of both Q-Park customers and other drivers on the roads. We strongly encourage all drivers at Q-Park Mailbox to download their tyre report and replace any tyres that are considered to be unsafe.”


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