3 reasons to buy tyres online

3 reasons to buy tyres online

Statista research published in May 2021 found that over 93 per cent of consumers had made a purchase online in the last 30 days. The tyre sector is no different with both pre-sale research and online tyre retail booming. But tyres are a highly technical specialist product. So, is buying tyres online a good idea? Here, Dartford Tyres shares three reasons in favour of buying tyres online.

  1. Choice – The first and the most exciting reason is choice. We all like to look at a list of options and then make our decision knowing all that’s available and it’s no different when it comes to tyres. Buying tyres online means motorists can benefit from looking at a diverse range of tyres and then select the ones that are the most suitable for their vehicles.
  2. Convenience – From the comfort of your chair, you can book tyres that are best suited for your car and then have them delivered at your home within just a few clicks. Site navigations and online booking systems have been made so easy by tyre companies that any lack of technical know-how doesn’t have to stand in the way of buying tyres online.
  3. Value – An affordable price is the third reason why online tyre buying is a good idea. While thousands of companies compete with each other, consumers stand to gain.

As easy as it all sounds, it’s also important to buy good quality and genuine tyres as cowboy online retailers have been known to lead consumers into buying sub-standard products, copies and even expired tyres. Therefore, reputable operations are the way forward and – of course – you can buy tyres online at Dartford Tyres where they offer “a complete range of car tyres at affordable prices”. You can also call them and speak to their expert if you need any technical assistance or product guidance.



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