Mitas is a traditional tyre producer with a strong background in research and development. Mitas' focus on innovations has helped win the position of the second-largest European off-road tyre manufacturer. Mitas currently operates five factories: one in Charles City, IA, and four in Europe. A brand-new plant in Otrokovice, Czech Republic, which was opened in 2013, is producing top-quality radial agricultural tyres for worldwide markets. The majority of Mitas sales have historically occurred in the European market and through Original Equipment Manufacturers with facilities on the Continent. Currently, about 86 percent of all tyres produced by Mitas are delivered to its customers in Europe. The company, however, is committed to expanding its global presence. One of the obvious milestones was to establish a production base in the United States, close to U.S. farmers and OEM customers as the U.S. agricultural market is large and demanding with strong growth prospects. Thanks to Mitas' plant in Charles City, American farmers can benefit from increased competition as Mitas has become the third radial agricultural tire producer in the United States. Mitas has been manufacturing farm radial tyres in the United States since 2012.
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