Maxxis Ue-101

Founded in 1967 in Taiwan, the Cheng-Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd company is currently one of the market leaders of high performance tyres, with subsidiaries and distribution centres in 130 countries. Maxxis tyres have been honoured by the Ford Motor Company with the World Excellence Award in 2001. A Maxxis tyre can endure, overcome and surpass, and at the end of its life span always looks like new, according to consumer testimonials. The durability of its tyres is one of the specificities that make the pride of the manufacturer, which builds on in the creativity of its engineers during the design of its rubbers. In order to ensure that the tyres that leave its factories are of the highest quality, Maxxis first works with its prototypes using a technology named VIP (Virtual Intelligent Prototype). The international popularity of the Maxxis brand is due particularly to the fact that Maxxis is the official sponsor of the World Enduro Championship. Maxxis produces tyres for all uses : cars, all types of motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and karts.
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Maxxis Ue-101 6/0 R16 108N
69 dB
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