Yokohama introduces Geolandar CV 4S all-season SUV tyre

Yokohama introduces Geolandar CV 4S all-season SUV tyre

Yokohama has introduced the Geolandar CV 4S all-season tyre for crossover SUVs. Tyres for SUVs need to be able to take on all road types and all weather conditions, like arid dryness, rainy spells and challenging snow. Yokohama says the new tyre recognises this demand for versatility and practicality. Following the launch of the “innovative” Geolandar CV 4S in October, the tyre will make its debut in the UK and Europe with a range of 32 sizes, for rim sizes between 17” and 20”.

With the Geolandar CV 4S, Yokohama offers a new asymmetric tread pattern and compound. The tread’s advancements ensure performance whether the road is wet, snow covered, or dry, the manufacturer states. Such versatility removes the need for periodic tyre changes in the winter, eradicating the associated storage woes, making it a more convenient and effective option for drivers.

Yokohama claims the tyre offers top-tier performance in the snow, demonstrated by the presence of the M+S (mud and snow) designation, and the ‘Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake’ certification of winter performance.

The demand for crossover SUVs is strong. The most recent new UK car market analysis shows that, in September, seven of the top ten best-selling vehicles were SUVs. Furthermore, statistics from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), showed that SUVs constituted 49 per cent of all passenger vehicle sales in the EU in 2022.

The Geolandar CV 4S is not the sole star in Yokohama’s range. The Geolandar series boasts of diverse offerings like the grand-touring equipped Geolandar CV G058, the high-performance Geolandar X-CV, and the Geolandar H/T G056 suitable for larger SUVs. This latest entrant, the Geolandar CV 4S, caters to the multifaceted requirements of the modern SUV owner.



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