TyreSafe joins Operation Pennine in mission to promote road safety

TyreSafe joins Operation Pennine in mission to promote road safety

Tyre safety organisation TyreSafe has unveiled a collaborative initiative with Operation Pennine promoting road safety through vital vehicle checks and awareness campaigns on key road links between the North-West and North-East of England, kicking off with events at Ferrybridge Services (3 October) and Hartshead Services (5 October) on the M62. TyreSafe is playing a crucial role in supporting Operation Pennine, underscoring the importance of maintaining roadworthy tyres to ensure safe journeys. TyreSafe member Micheldever Tyre Services and retail network Protyre are supporting the events, providing tyre guidance, checks and advice.

Operation Pennine is dedicated to improving road safety by ensuring that vehicles are in proper working condition, with a specific focus on tyres, brakes, lights, and other essential components. By conducting these checks and raising awareness about their importance, the initiative aims to reduce road accidents and enhance the safety of all road users.

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe chair, said: “TyreSafe is committed to making our roads safer by emphasising the significance of regular tyre checks. We are delighted to partner with Operation Pennine in their mission to enhance road safety. Properly maintained tyres are a fundamental aspect of safe driving, and our participation in this initiative aligns perfectly with our objectives.”

Adam White, Protyre operations director added: “Tyre Safety is paramount and checking tyres regularly is key to the safety and wellbeing of drivers and passengers. Events like these are simple but effective in promoting road safety, and we are delighted to assist the partnership between TyreSafe and Operation Pennine.”

During the events, expert technicians are available to conduct thorough vehicle checks, including tyre pressure and tread depth assessments. The goal is to provide drivers with valuable insights into the condition of their vehicles, encourage preventive maintenance, and raise awareness about the critical role tyres play in road safety.

Nicola Clayton, regional safety programme manager, commented: “We are grateful for TyreSafe’s support in our efforts to make our roads safer. Tyre safety is a key aspect of our vehicle checks, and partnering with TyreSafe allows us to deliver a more comprehensive and impactful campaign. Together, we can create a safer environment for all road users.”

TyreSafe invites all motorists to take advantage of the Operation Pennine events. Ensuring that your vehicle is in optimal condition not only enhances your safety but also contributes to the well-being of everyone on the road.

TyreSafe offers a wealth of tyre safety expertise through its website https://www.tyresafe.org/. Operation Pennine is demonstrating its activities on social media using the hashtag #oppennine.



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