Auto Bild gives top marks to 5 all-season tyres

Auto Bild gives top marks to 5 all-season tyres

As promised, Auto Bild has subjected the 16 remaining tyres in its 2023 all-season test to further and more intensive scrutiny after booting out 19 products that didn’t make the grade in a preliminary round of wet and dry braking tests. The motoring publication’s expert testers gave five of these size 225/45 R17 tyres their highest recommendation – an ‘exemplary’ rating – and declared a further three ‘good’ tyres. The remaining eight finished testing with ‘satisfactory’ or ‘conditionally recommended’ ratings.

“All-season tyres are a safe and cost-saving alternative, especially for vehicles in the small and compact car class,” stated Auto Bild’s Dierk Möller and Henning Klipp. However, the tyre testers stress that motorists should make their all-season purchase carefully – with the performance of some of the 19 previously eliminated tyres in mind, they observe that “all that glitters isn’t gold”.

Rated exemplary

Test winnerMichelin CrossClimate 2
+ Excellent driving characteristics on snow & ice, dynamic dry handling, good aquaplaning qualities, precise turn-in behaviour, very good mileage
High purchase price

Continental AllSeasonContact 2
+ All-rounder with convincing winter qualities, dynamic handling and short braking distances on wet tracks, low drive-by noise, high mileage potential
Tendency to understeer

Bridgestone Turanza All Season 6
+ All-round talent with good performance potential, short wet & dry braking distances, agile & safe handling in all weather conditions, good aquaplaning reserves

High purchase price

Vredestein Quatrac
+ Wet weather specialist with dynamic handling in all conditions, good winter qualities, very good aquaplaning reserves, pleasantly quiet ride comfort
Mileage potential just average

Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2
+ All-rounder with dynamic & safe handling on wet & dry roads, best aquaplaning safety reserves, quiet ride noise
Elevated rolling resistance, mileage potential just average

Rated good

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3
+ Convincingly safe driving characteristics in all weather conditions, good snow traction, very good mileage
Extended dry braking distances, elevated drive-by noise

Kleber Quadraxer 3
+ Good performance on snowy & dry roads, safe aquaplaning characteristics, short dry braking distances
Delayed steering response, understeer on wet roads

Eco Champion – Hankook Kinergy 4S2
+ Proven all-season tyre with reliable performance on snow & ice, crisp turn-in behaviour, very good mileage potential
Slightly extended wet & dry braking distances

Rated satisfactory

BF Goodrich Advantage All Season
+ Good traction and short braking distances on snow, safe aquaplaning qualities, short dry braking distances
Understeer in the wet, high purchase price, moderate mileage potential

Kumho Solus 4S HA32+
+ Good snow traction, safe wet & dry handling, low ride noise, low purchase price
Moderate aquaplaning reserves, slightly extended wet/dry braking distances, elevated rolling resistance

Dunlop Sport All Season
+ Balanced handling on wet & dry roads, low rolling resistance, very good ride comfort
Understeer on snowy surfaces, moderate aquaplaning properties, extended dry braking distances

Nexen N’Blue 4Season 2
+ Balanced dry handling, outstanding mileage potential, reasonable purchase price, short dry braking distances
Moderate aquaplaning reserves, understeer in wet & snowy conditions

Firestone Multiseason 2
+ Stable handling on snowy & wet roads, low rolling resistance
Moderate aquaplaning qualities, understeer in snowy & dry conditions, limited mileage potential

Toyo Celsius AS2
+ Good aquaplaning safety reserves, high mileage potential
Average winter qualities, understeer on snowy & wet roads, extended wet braking distances

Rated conditionally recommendable

Ceat 4SeasonDrive +
+ Good mileage potential, low ride noise, favourable purchase price
Limited winter capabilities with little lateral grip on snow, extended braking distances

Falken EuroAll Season AS220 Pro
+ Short wet & dry braking distances, dynamic dry handling
Driving characteristics on snow & ice just satisfactory, delayed steering response, moderate mileage potential, increased rolling resistance




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