Tyres from £7 a month: Bridgestone launches subscription service

Tyres from £7 a month: Bridgestone launches subscription service

Bridgestone has launched its Mobox all-inclusive monthly tyre subscription service in the UK. The Mobox subscription offers new tyres, full warranty and other premium vehicle-related services from £7 per month. It is initially available in five ETB Autocentres prior to rolling out across all 31 ETB centres.

Basic packages include new premium tyres, fitting and full warranty for tyre-related damage, as well as additional vehicle-related services such as tyre checks, rotation and wheel alignment. The warranty means that if Mobox customers incur a puncture or any other kind of tyre damage, the tyre will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Customers will also have the option to adapt their packages to include extra products and services, such as MOTs and services.

Mobox packages cover main premium tyre brands and provide customers with access to the central Mobox web-platform, from which they can easily manage their subscriptions online. All customers also have access to a multilingual call centre for customer support.

ETB Autocentres retail director Paul Nunn said: “The beauty of Mobox is that you know precisely how much you spend. The monthly fee is fixed in the first year and decreased to a lower flat fee in the second year. We hope that the flexibility and convenience that Mobox provides will resonate with motorists and that this might be the beginning of a new way of purchasing and maintaining tyres.”



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