SUV opponents destroy more than 200 tyres at dealership

SUV opponents destroy more than 200 tyres at dealership

Tyres have been targeted in retaliation for a collision that killed two children in London. Tyre Extinguishers, the movement aiming to make it “impossible to own an SUV” by deflating these vehicles’ tyres, has drawn this tragedy into its campaign. In a statement published yesterday, Tyre Extinguishers “takes responsibility” for destroying all the tyres on at least 60 vehicles at Jaguar Exeter, a dealership located some 170 miles from the collision site.

The crash occurred when a 70-Plate Land Rover Defender was driven into an end-of-term picnic at a school in Wimbledon on 6 July. Two eight-year-old girls lost their lives, and more than a dozen others were injured. Police arrested a 46-year-old-old woman on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

“This act of retaliation is intended as a peaceful and non-violent demonstration to draw attention to the presence of grossly inappropriate private vehicles in our towns and cities,” writes Tyre Extinguishers. The “leaderless, autonomous movement of groups” adds that it “firmly believes” this action “is a necessary escalation to try and stop these vehicles from wrecking further lives and continuing to push the worsening climate crisis of (sic) the cliff edge.”

UK-based charity TyreSafe takes an alternative approach to reducing vehicle CO2 emissions, recommending that motorists regularly check and adjust tyre pressures. This simple practice also improves road safety.

Vertu Motors, owner of the dealership where the SUV tyres were destroyed, comments that “trespass and damage to private property are not acceptable,” adding that the “matter is now in the hands of the police.” Devon and Cornwall Police are making inquiries into counts of criminal damage.

Videos posted on the Tyre Extinguishers Twitter account suggest that power drills were used to destroy the tyres.


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