Alligator’s bicycle tyre valves and inflators

Alligator’s bicycle tyre valves and inflators

Ever experienced the pump not fitting or being unable to get to the valve? Don’t know if its Schrader, Presta or Dunlop? With valve-maker Alligator’s Blitzventil Universal, you only need one valve for all types of bicycles.

Special valves require special air pumps. Or the right adapter. To that end, Alligator offers various air pump valve adapters for flexible inflation of bicycles.

For example, you can inflate bicycle tyres at a petrol station or with a compressor. The Alligator universal gas station connector for car and bicycle valves is designed to ensure air flows into the tyres faster than with a manual pump – and without getting tired arms.

In addition, the rotatable tyre inflator for bicycle and car valves is described as “a must for every bicycle Workshop.” The tyre inflator, which can be operated with one hand, features a rotatable connection head so the valve can be filled in any position and the manometer can be read at any time.



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