SportContact 7 tyres on 610 hp BMW M3

SportContact 7 tyres on 610 hp BMW M3

After their transformation at the automotive tuner’s facility in Aachen, Germany, AC Schitzer BMW M3s are reputedly the most powerful examples of the model ever made. These cars are refined according to the AC Schnitzer philosophy of “better fast than hard” and boast power upgraded to a total of 610 hp (449 kW), output that propels them upwards of 186 mph or 300 km/h. This oomph meets the road via the Continental SportContact 7. AC Schnitzer kits out the M3 with the tyre in size 285/30 R20 at the front and 295/30 R20 on the drive axle, each on its own lightweight forged rim.

“It’s hard to imagine tuning without sports tyres from Continental,” comments Michael Schneider, head of tuning at Continental. “They deliver perfect grip and precise vehicle control right up to the limits, can easily handle speeds even above 300 km/h, and are matched to the vehicles and their characteristics in collaboration with the tuners.”

AC Schnitzer is but one of several leading tuners selecting tyres from the SportContact range, a list that also includes, Abt, Brabus, Klasen, Lorinser, Techart and 9ff.


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