Scorpion: Pirelli’s refreshed SUV tyre range

Scorpion: Pirelli’s refreshed SUV tyre range

Safer, more comfortable, better performance. These three qualities are what Pirelli says drivers can now expect from its Scorpion range of SUV tyres following a recent revamp, which the tyre maker undertook to address anticipated global growth in SUV sales over the coming years.

Pirelli reports that its efforts have resulted in improved European tyre label scores for the entire summer, winter and all-season line-up. In particular, it points our attention to the “excellent wet performance rating” shared by the Scorpion summer tyre, Scorpion Winter 2 and Scorpion All Season SF2. Every size dimension in all three product lines now come with an A or B label score for wet grip, with over 80 per cent gaining an A score.

More than 60 per cent of all Scorpion summer, winter and all-season tyres score an A or B for rolling resistance as well, which means the current range is already very close to meeting Pirelli’s 2025 target of 70 per cent of all products achieving A and B for rolling resistance. The entire Scorpion summer and Scorpion All Season SF2 ranges are already there. Furthermore, all three variants have gained the best two tyre label scores for noise in all sizes.

Pirelli specialties for a modern range

Around 30 per cent of all Scorpion tyres feature Elect technology, Pirelli’s solution for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The tyre maker says this “makes Scorpion the Pirelli product range with the highest number of homologations for ‘green’ cars.”

Together with Seal Inside, Run Flat, and PNCS, Elect is one of Pirelli’s specialities that characterise the most modern tyres in its range. Over a third of the latest Scorpion tyres summer, winter and all-season lines feature these technologies, allowing comfortable and silent journeys thanks to the optional PNCS (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System), and with added peace of mind from knowing nobody will be left to complete their journey on foot in case of a puncture thanks to the Seal Inside and Run Flat systems.

Eco-Safety Design

Pirelli created its latest Scorpion summer, all-season and winter tyres according to a process called ‘Eco-Safety Design’. The tyre maker describes this as a “unique approach” that uses “innovative materials and tools,” including virtual models from motorsport, to achieve “ultimate performance in terms of sustainability and safety.” Pirelli credits Eco-Safety Design with enabling its tyres to guarantee reliable braking and grip both on dry and wet surfaces as well as delivering performance that limits environmental impact, such as better fuel consumption, reduced noise, and a longer tyre life.

To achieve these results, the manufacturer substantially redesigned the range. Pirelli says this research and development led to it optimising compounds, enhancing the three respective tread patterns and employing reinforced tyre structures that contain new materials. Updates such as these across the range enabled Pirelli to obtain the coveted TÜV SÜD Performance Mark for the Scorpion.

All latest members of the Scorpion family are produced in factories within the European Union. Pirelli shares that this new range has already gained at least 90 original equipment homologations from vehicle manufacturers.


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