Race or make a tyre with Nankang mobile apps

Race or make a tyre with Nankang mobile apps

Nankang Tyre has launched two new free apps on Google Play and the App Store, giving users the chance to race or make the Taiwan manufacturer’s tyres.

Tyre Run offers users the chance to use five different tyre patterns to complete various tasks:

  • Use the Nankang NS-25 UHP tyre to weave between cars and buses using intuitive driving controls.
  • Control the Nankang AS-2+ touring tyre to brake in the wet as water droplets hit the screen.
  • Ride Nankang’s AT-5 4×4 tyre over rugged paths, completing a time-trial challenge through mixed terrain environments.
  • Race the Nankang AR-1 road-legal track tyre against the clock around a modelled Nürburgring GP Circuit with dynamic race surroundings.
  • Save the penguins with the Nakang SV-3 winter tyre, guiding as many as you can to the bottom of a snow covered incline.

Download Nankang Tyre Run here (Android) or here (iOS)

Nankang Tyre Maker: an interactive look at how tyres are made

Nankang Tyre Maker app

Meanwhile Nankang’s Tyre Maker app presents the tyre manufacturing process, as modelled by researchers on visits to its tyre factories. Users can gain an insight into what goes into making a tyre by following several interactive stages, from rubber mixing to tyre building to curing. The app is designed as a fun and educational tool, with realistic and immersive 2.5D graphic design.

Developed in conjunction with design company King One Design, Nankang said one idea behind the apps was to help “relieve the boredom of being stuck at home due to COVID-19.”

Download Nankang Tyre Maker here (Android) or here (iOS)



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