Nokian Snowproof P – Winter grip & sporty performance

Nokian Snowproof P – Winter grip & sporty performance

Nokian Tyres is launching a successor to its Nokian WR A4 winter tyre. It calls this new addition to its cold-weather portfolio the Nokian Snowproof P and describes it is a “sporty and modern combination of high-performance handling and reliable winter grip.”

The tyre maker has optimised the Snowproof P’s tread pattern for winter grip and balanced driving feel. The asymmetric pattern seen on the previous-generation tyre has given way to a directional pattern. Nokian Tyres says a directional tread ensures “predictable and controlled behaviour in all conditions” and “improves overall safety.”

The tyre’s rubber compound is designed to handle a wide temperature range; Nokian says that in addition to surefootedness on cold winter days, the compound also makes the Snowproof P a “steady performer” in milder weather. “This new tailored tread compound increases the wet grip without compromising any winter properties of the tyre,” comments the manufacturer. It adds that the compound and tread pattern combine to offer low rolling resistance as well as excellent wear resistance under varying conditions.

The Nokian Snowproof P will arrive from autumn 2020 in a range of 55 products for 17- to 21-inch rim diameters. The range comes in H (130 mph, 210 km/h), V (149 mph, 240 km/h) and W (168 mph, 270 km/h) speed ratings.


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