New from Falken: Eurowinter HS02 & HS02 Pro

New from Falken: Eurowinter HS02 & HS02 Pro

Falken has two completely new tyres for the colder months: the Eurowinter HS02 and Eurowinter HS02 Pro. These respectively succeed the HS01 and HS01 Pro in Falken’s winter tyre line-up.

The Falken Eurowinter HS02 features a symmetrical, directional tread and is available in 76 sizes for 14- to 19-inch rims, cross sections of 40 to 70 per cent and T, H and V speed ratings. Falken aims the sportier, asymmetrical tread HS02 Pro at both cars and SUVs and is available in 87 dimensions for 16- to 21-inch rims, cross sections of 35 to 70 per cent and H, V and W speed ratings. The Pro version can also be differentiated by its nano black sidewall logo.

Effective water drainage

Falken comments that tyres “provide the essential foundation” for “successful mastery” of the challenges faced when driving in the cold season. The tyre maker says the v-shaped, symmetrical tread allows for “outstanding water drainage” in the contact area. In size 205/55 R16, the Eurowinter HS02 tread can displace 78 litres per second, thereby protecting against aquaplaning.

Tested in size 245/45 R18, the HS02 Pro achieves even greater water drainage at 101 litres per second. Falken says the tyre’s “synergistic tread” is combined for “balanced performance in all wintry conditions.” It elaborates that development engineers have optimised the inner side of the tyre’s tread for safe driving in snow and slush while optimising the outer side for dry and wet performance. “The intelligent interaction between the two tread areas allows for a sporty and precise driving experience with large safety margins,” says Falken

Stopping & handling on snow

Winter tyres must be able not only to handle wet conditions well but also offer superior properties on snow-covered roads. On the Falken Eurowinter HS02 and HS02 Pro, Miura-Ori 3D ribs guarantee reliable traction as well as safe braking performance with short stopping distances. These recesses in the HS02 tread are arranged centrally and multi-directionally and are said to particularly provide increased grip on snow. Graduated 3D tread edges increase snow collection on the tread and thus improve road grip. At the same time, this graduation ensures better self-cleaning.

Equally exceptional performance

Block rigidity in the shoulder area of the tread is enhanced by the use of interlocking 3D ribs; Falken says this improves driving stability at the limits. The tyre maker adds that Falken Eurowinter HS02 achieves “equally exceptional performance” on snow-covered, wet and dry roads thanks to the intelligent interaction between the different rib types present in its hybrid rib design.

The tread on the HS02 Pro works somewhat differently. Thanks to a zig-zag shape, two circumferential tread grooves generate additional tread edges which ensure reliable traction in snow and slush, improve braking performance and, last but not least, facilitate optimal handling properties. Offset tread grooves arranged in a step-down configuration feature on the inner side of the tread. This design reinforces grip on snow and aid the tyre’s self-cleaning properties, as well as ensuring the grip and precise handling on snow-covered roads.

Lightweight design

The stated result of all these improvements is wet grip that’s “clearly improved” compared with the previous tyre, as well as generational improvements in fuel efficiency, wear and rolling resistance performance.

The new tyre is lighter, too. Falken reports that HS02 tyres are up to nine per cent lighter than corresponding dimensions in the prior-generation range, while HS02 Pro tyres are up to 14 per cent lighter. Falken says a new lightweight design saves on material and weight thanks to optimised shape and design. End users benefit from reduced rolling resistance.


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