Illegal ‘grey tread’ Nankang tyres in UK market

Illegal ‘grey tread’ Nankang tyres in UK market

Here’s some tyres you definitely shouldn’t buy. Nankang Tyre UK has warned consumers to avoid illegally-imported, potentially unsafe Nankang tyres. You can easily identify these products by their grey-coloured tread compound.

The tyres in question were “produced for a theatre show” and designed solely for low-speed use on wooden flooring. Some were imported into the UK and are now being offered for sale. Nangkang Tyre UK does not offer any type of warranty for the tyres. Using them on UK roads is also illegal.

Never tested for road use

“The performance of these tyres will be affected as they are not designed to cope with any type of surface other than a dry wooden floor. Load and speed ratings may be affected as the grey compound tyres have never been tested for safety away from theatre use,” says Nankang Tyre UK.

As well as a grey tread, the illegal Nankang tyres have no E-mark. They feature the word ‘competition’ on the sidewall. Suspect tyres include models from the Nankang AS-1, AS-2+, NS-2, SP-7 and SP-9 ranges.

Specific sizes to look out for are:

• 15-inch: 195/50r15 NS-2 / 205/75r15 FT-7
• 16-inch: 245/45r16 AS-2+ / 265/70r16 SP-7
• 17-inch: 195/40r17 AS-1 / 245/45r17 NS-2 / 275/60r17 SP-7
• 18-inch: 235/40r18 NS-2
• 19-inch: 235/35r19 NS-2 / 245/35r19 NS-2
• 20-inch: 235/35r20 NS-2 / 245/45r20 AS-2+ / 265/35r20 AS-2+ / 265/45r20 SP-9 / 295/40r20 SP-7

The following manufacturer date codes apply: 4117, 4217, 4317, 4417, 4517, 4617, 4717, 5017, 5117 and 5217.

Nankang Tyre UK says it is working with manufacturer Nankang Rubber Tire to trace the source that imported these tyres. It states that “any parties found to be involved with the selling or distribution of the grey tyres may face legal action.”

Nankang Tyre UK urges motorists to avoid these grey-treaded tyres at all costs. “We strongly advise that these tyres are not fitted to vehicles of any type. Using these tyres may result in failure.” It encourages anyone with doubts about advertised Nangkang tyres to contact the company.


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