Has lockdown lay-up damaged my car battery?

Has lockdown lay-up damaged my car battery?

With more drivers getting in their cars again after the government began to ease lockdown restrictions, more people are likely to find battery issues. Idling vehicles increases considerable the chance of damage to car batteries. This is due to the car’s electrical systems and alarms draining the battery continually, as well as the natural loss in charge that occurs over time. As a result, significant numbers of batteries could require recharging or replacement as more of us drive after a long lay-up.

In the last few months, most people have driven their cars only on short, infrequent journeys. This usage can cause a battery to fail more rapidly. Problems due to vehicle inactivity are not covered by battery warranties, as they’re not due to manufacturing defect.

At the same time, proactive garages and their suppliers are taking steps to ensure they are ready for an influx of customers requiring battery services. One supplier, The Parts Alliance, has encouraged its garage customers to offer a battery testing service to customers.

Car batteries are often neglected

Car batteries, much like tyres, tend to be more prone to drivers putting off purchases as long as possible. Recent field research by Yuasa, a world-leading battery manufacturer suggests one in 10 vehicles in the UK needed a replacement battery, while 1 in 4 needed a recharge. With cars layed up over the past few months, garages anticipate that these percentages will rise.

Therefore, WhatTyre advises you to visit your garage for a quick battery check up as soon as possible. Many offer diagnostic checks for a very reasonable price – in some cases checks will even be free.

While you’re at it, you could get a second opinion on the state of your tyres, as they too can be affected by a long period of light use. Watch the videos below for a few tips on how you can do this yourself.



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