Free puncture repair for every Volvo driver

Free puncture repair for every Volvo driver

Want to avoid paying for a tyre repair? If you are a Volvo driver, it might be your lucky day. Volvo Car UK is offering a free repair service covering both windscreen and tyre damage. Volvo reports that the service is the first of its kind in the UK car industry to cover both tyres and windscreens. Where viable, Volvo retailers will the service on Volvo cars “of any age” and work will be carried out by “qualified Volvo technicians”.

Here’s how the process works. Owners can take their car to any UK Volvo retailer where the damage will be checked to determine whether a repair is possible. In most instances, a repair can be made on the spot, while the customer waits, with no charge. If the damage is not repairable, the retailer will advise the customer and, if they wish, arrange for a new tyre or windscreen to be fitted.



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