Fraudulent MOT tester gets eight-month suspended sentence

Fraudulent MOT tester gets eight-month suspended sentence

Anton Fricker of Taunton has received an eight-month suspended custodial sentence for issuing 31 MOT certificates without carrying out the tests. The case was heard at Taunton Crown Court and concluded on 26 August 2022. He was also banned from MOT testing for five years by DVSA.

Fricker’s former employer alerted the DVSA to the issue. DVSA investigated, although Fricker refused to engage with the investigation. Having initially denied the offences, when presented with the evidence, Fricker admitted to the counts and to having received payment for the fraudulent MOTs.

As well as the eight-month custodial sentence suspended for 15 months, Fricker was ordered to carry out 150 hrs of unpaid work and 25 rehabilitation days and ordered to pay a £500 contribution towards prosecution costs.

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