BMW chooses Yokohama tyres for X7 & XM

BMW chooses Yokohama tyres for X7 & XM

Yokohama Rubber is supplying approved original equipment Yokohama Advan Sport V107 tyres for the BMW X7 and the plug-in hybrid BMW XM. For these SUVs, Yokohama Rubber offers three size combinations: HL275/35R23 108Y (front) and HL315/30R23 111Y (rear) for both the BMW X7 and BMW XM, as well as 275/45R21 110Y (front) and 315/40R21 115Y (rear), and 275/40R22 107Y (front) and 315/35R22 111Y (rear) specifically for the BMW XM.

Collaborating closely, BMW Group and Yokohama Rubber developed the Advan Sport V107 tyres tailored for the BMW X7 and XM with tread patterns engineered for reduced pass-by noise and enhanced steering stability. The tyres also integrate Yokohama’s ‘Mound Profile’ technology to ensure uniform surface contact, boosting dry performance and wear resistance. Further enhancements include optimised casings to support the weight of large SUVs and reduced sidewall irregularities for improved aerodynamics.

The HL275/35R23 108Y and HL315/30R23 111Y sizes for the BMW X7 and BMW XM are classified as HLC tyres, surpassing the load capacities of XL tyres. This enables them to effectively manage the substantial weight of modern vehicles like large SUVs and electric vehicles. Yokohama Rubber highlights that these sizes utilise “new specialised profiles” to withstand high loads while maintaining a balanced performance profile.

HL tyres have load capacities beyond XL tyres & can accommodate new-generation vehicles with heavy vehicle weights (Image: Yokohama)

For the 22-inch size tires supplied to the BMW XM, Yokohama Rubber offers both performance and high-performance specifications. High-performance variants feature a high-grip compound and a specially tuned structure to balance wear resistance and high-speed durability, ideal for racetrack driving. To differentiate them from performance tyres of the same size, high-performance tyres bear an ‘I’ preceding the BMW Group’s original equipment ‘star’ mark on the sidewall.

High-performance versions feature a ‘I’ before the BMW Group’s star mark to distinguish them from performance tyres (Image: Yokohama)


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