Auto Bild Allrad tests all-season tyres

Auto Bild Allrad tests all-season tyres

The future belongs to all-season tyres, comments Auto Bild Allrad in the preamble to its 2021 test. It adds that these products have evolved into a true alternative to dedicated summer or winter tyres. This year, the German magazine for 4×4 and SUV enthusiasts evaluated ten brands of all-season tyre in size 215/65 R17. Top honours went to the Hankook Kinergy 4S2 X, a tyre that Auto Bild’s testers declared an “exemplary compromise” for safe driving in all weather conditions.

Test winner – Rated Exemplary

Hankook Kinergy 4S2 X
+ Convincing driving qualities in all weather conditions, stable, safe handling in wet & dry conditions, precise steering, high aquaplaning safety, low ride noise and rolling resistance, affordably priced.

Rated Good

Michelin CrossClimate 2
+ Exemplary driving characteristics on snowy and dry surfaces, short stopping distance in dry conditions, low rolling resistance.
Slight understeer in the wet.

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 SUV
+ All-round talent with balanced performance potential, stable wet & dry handling, high aquaplaning safety, short stopping distances in the wet, good comfort.
Slightly lengthy dry braking distance.

Rated Satisfactory

Continental AllSeasonContact SUV
+ Top performance on snowy & wet surfaces, very precise steering, dynamic snow & wet handling, short stopping distances in the wet, low rolling resistance.
Lengthy dry braking distance.

Bridgestone Weather Control A005 Evo
+ High traction and short stopping distances on snow, precise turn-in and dynamic driving characteristics in the wet, good safety reserves during longitudinal aquaplaning.
Lengthy stopping distances on dry surfaces.

Vredestein Quatrac Pro
+ Convincing driving characteristics on wet & dry surfaces, precise turn-in, short stopping distances in the wet, affordably priced.
Understeer on snow, restricted aquaplaning qualities.

Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2
+ Strong traction and short stopping distances on snow, low tyre/road noise, low rolling resistance.
Understeer on wet and dry roads, slightly lengthy stopping distance in the wet.

Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3 SUV
+ Good winter characteristics, stable dry handling, safety reserves during longitudinal aquaplaning, affordably priced.
Light understeer, lengthy stopping distance on wet surfaces, elevated rolling resistance.

Cooper Discoverer All Season
+ Short stopping distances on snow, very good aquaplaning qualities, affordably priced.
Understeer on snowy & wet surfaces, delayed steering response, limited comfort, raised rolling resistance.

Rated Not Recommendable

Imperial All Season Driver
+ Short stopping distances on snow, affordably priced.
Limited grip on wet surfaces, spongy steering response, inharmonious understeer, dangerously lengthy stopping distances in the wet.




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