Kinforest Tyre Co. Ltd. is a Chinese company whose brand portfolio (led by Kinforest) is imported in the UK by various wholesalers. The best tyres amongst Kinforest’s passenger car range are said to be achieving European label grades of CC and even BC. Back in 2009 Kinforest told leading trade publication Tyres & Accessories it was the first Chinese tyre manufacturer to achieve the ECE rolling sound certification at a time when many other firms were dragging their feet. In addition Kinforest began offering a range of run-flat sizes as of September 2014. Indeed, Kinforest can produce as many as 100 run-flat sizes depending on customer demand. Kinforest reports that it is active in more than 170 countries “from China to Brazil and from the US to Germany and Russia”. The company produces three brands – Kinforest, Mayrun and Dailyway. The Kinforest factory employs around 2,500 workers, manufacturing passenger car, UHP, light truck and winter tyres. In addition to the aforementioned tyre labelling success, the manufacturer’s tyres comply with a number of other test requirements including: DOT, ECE, NOM, INMETRO, SABSAND and GCC.
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