TyreSafe, Brake partner for Road Safety Week 2023 campaign: ‘Let’s Talk About Speed’

TyreSafe, Brake partner for Road Safety Week 2023 campaign: ‘Let’s Talk About Speed’

TyreSafe, the UK tyre safety charity, has partnered with road safety charity, Brake for Road Safety Week 2023. TyreSafe said the partnership aims to support Brake’s ‘Let’s talk about speed’ campaign. It focuses on demystifying and challenging drivers and passengers to be open and honest about issues related to speeding. The national Road Safety Week campaign began on 19 November. TyreSafe describes it as a significant platform to raise awareness about the critical importance of safe driving practices and the devastating consequences of speeding. Brake’s 2023 campaign highlights the serious and very real hazards and risks associated with driving too fast and on defective tyres.

TyreSafe, has this year undertaken an extensive Tread Depth survey encompassing over half a million tyres at the point of replacement, which revealed that almost half of the tyres in the UK are being driven on low or illegal tread. TyreSafe’s research brings valuable insights into the crucial role tyres play in braking, cornering, handling, and overall vehicle performance. When the integrity of tyres is compromised by low tread depth, underinflation, or defects, and this is coupled with driving too fast, whether over the speed limit or too fast for road and weather conditions, it significantly increases the risk to road users.

The campaign facts emphasised by Brake’s Road Safety Week, particularly the impact of speed on braking distance, are substantiated by TyreSafe’s own research, which underscores the impact of tyre-related issues on braking distance.

The estimated braking distance for a vehicle driving in the wet with tyres that have 8mm of tread is 25.9m. For tyres that have the legal limit of 1.6mm, the estimated braking distance is 37.8m, highlighting the significant impact that low tread can have on vehicle braking and handling in the wet.

This partnership between TyreSafe and Brake underscores the shared commitment to road safety and a determination to educate the public about the consequences of inappropriate speed and the importance of maintaining roadworthy tyres.

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe chair, said, “At TyreSafe, we recognise that tyres are a vital component of road safety. By joining forces with Brake’s ‘Let’s talk about speed’ campaign during Road Safety Week, we aim to bring attention to the inherent risks of speeding, especially when combined with tyre-related issues. This partnership allows us to promote awareness and facilitate open and honest conversations among the public, media, and target groups about the impact of speed on road safety.”

Brake also commented on the partnership, stating, “We’re delighted to join forces with TyreSafe for Road Safety Week 2023. The link between tyre safety and speed is undeniable. Brake’s campaign, with the support of TyreSafe, will shed light on the importance of roadworthy tyres and the dangers of excessive speed. Together, we can make our roads safer by encouraging responsible driving and vehicle maintenance.”

TyreSafe and Brake’s partnership for Road Safety Week 2023 demonstrates their unwavering commitment to creating safer roads by tackling issues surrounding speed and tire safety head-on. By engaging in this vital conversation, both organisations hope to motivate drivers to take greater responsibility for their actions, and together, they aim to reduce road accidents and save lives.

The partnership will also enable both charities to collaborate across the year, by sharing insights, starting challenging conversations and continuing to challenge motorists to take the appropriate level of responsibility for the safety of themselves and other road users when they take to the road.

For more information, visit the official websites of TyreSafe (www.tyresafe.org) and Brake (www.brake.org.uk).


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